Today for tomorrow

After my first Master's degree in Plant Biology, continuous work on green biotechnology made me learn how to treat inflammations caused on a large scale by the effects of aggressive cosmetics.
I therefore realised that the time had come to put myself at the service of all skins, embracing the individuality of each consumer. Following my passion for skincare, with Bodhi Naturae's natural cosmetic preparations, we have a mission to bring wellness to those who want to be in full connection with their lives.
My ongoing research is to ensure absolute transparency, purity and potency of our products, starting with ingredients that are healthy, healing and safe, to finally achieve nourished and radiant skin.

Prova la cosmesi water-free

Bodhi Naturae is a water free and plastic free brand, a commitment that begins with the collection of our ingredients, as certified by the certifications, during the laboratory phases with cold pressing and continues by choosing to use biophotonic glass containers which increases shelf life and prolongs the quality of our preparations.

Water-free products last longer because they are concentrated and are the cosmetics of the future because it means less plastic produced and less water which today, more than ever, must be preserve.

sfinge con sfondo cielo stellato

Elixirs preserved in jars from ancient history like guardian of Nature'godness

Since Ancient Egypt, purple glass was used by the most important families, even the Pharaoh's family. Sources tell us that Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen whose charm was made immortal by her lovers, kept Aloe Vera in purple glass jars for her precious body.
I became infatuated with these jars because purple glass has the ability to completely preserve the quality of the natural essence of my products.
This glass works as a natural screen and blocks the entire spectrum of visible light, with the exception of ultraviolet, some UV-A and infrared radiation, preserving and even improving the quality of the products. All this without using artificial preservatives.
The intense violet colour of the glass is the result of a mixture of mineral oxides and silica patented by MIRON Violet Glass.

bambino tibetano che legge un libro

EXclusiviy. Ayurveda is the guide for our elixirs

More than three thousand years ago, Indian sages wrote texts to cure and heal the body and mind. These texts, dealing with the 'Science of Life' called Ayurveda, were collected in one book.
From these ancient remedies I found the key to youth for the most sensitive skin: essential oils and powders of medicinal herbs, the cultivation of which has been handed down to this day.