Who founded the line?

Bodhi Naturae was founded by Cecilia Rosso, an Italian pharmacist with Indian roots. Cecilia specializes in Plant Biotechnology and the Cosmetic Industry, which is why she has been able to create and formulate all the products in our range. The first was the Enlightening Eye Contour Serum for her mother, who had sensitive skin issues. His goal was to create the best sustainable cosmetics line for the most sensitive skin with high-performance natural ingredients and concentrated waterless formulas. She believes that a conscious and holistic lifestyle is essential to achieving true inner balance between mind and body. You can read more about his background and journey on our our roots page.

Are Bodhi Naturae products 100% natural and organic?

Yes, Bodhi Naturae is 100% natural including the probiotic active ingredients. And where possible, certified organic. We only use plants harvested from sustainable sources. All our ingredients are of the highest quality, processed as little as possible and preserved only through physical processes. You can read more about this in the ingredients section.

Is Bodhi Naturae completely water-free?

Absolutely. The entire Bodhi naturae range is completely water-free. All products in our range are undiluted, so their formula is 100% concentrated and full of benefits.

You can read more about our formulations on ourshop page

Are Bodhi Naturae products tested on emails?

We are very proud that the entire Bodhi Naturae range is completely cruelty free. This means that no animal-derived ingredients are used and absolutely nothing has been tested on animals.

You can read more about this in the ingredients section.

What is the mission of Bodhi Naturae?

Inspired by Cecilia's Indian roots, holistic lifestyle principles and scientific background, our mission is to create high-performance natural beauty elixirs for sensitive skin. Create a conscious and totally sustainable beauty routine without water and without the use of plastic.

Are Bodhi Naturae products vegan?

The entire Bodhi Naturae product range is 100% vegan. We do not use any ingredients of animal origin. To learn more about the ingredients in our products, see “Ingredients” listed under each individual product or contact us at info@bodhinaturae.net

Are your products suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our products are not irritating and are especially suitable for sensitive skin, as also certified by external laboratories.

Please note that we cannot accept returns or provide refunds for allergic reactions or skin problems. Please be sure to carefully read the full ingredient list and product instructions before confirming your order. If you are unsure, we recommend running a 24-hour patch test.

Is your packaging 100% recyclable?

Yes, all our packaging is 100% recyclable. All our boxes are made of 100% FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper which contains recycled fibers derived only from sustainable and certified raw materials that come from responsible forest management. No environmentally harmful paints or glues were used. Our formulas are packaged in precious 100% recyclable black-purple glass. The boxes and external packaging are all recyclable and, where possible, we use packaging made from recycled material.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All of our products are made in small batches, which ensures that the Bodhi Naturae product you receive is as fresh as possible. They all last six months from when you open them. To ensure your product stays looking its best, be sure to follow label instructions on how to store properly, especially away from sun or heat.

Treat our products like fresh nourishment for your body, purchasing only what you will use by the expiration date to ensure you get the best from your treatment.

Why is it essential to use natural and organic skin care products?

The skin is our largest organ and protects and supports all other parts of our body. Anything you put on your skin can be absorbed, so it's essential that you know exactly what you're putting on your body during your beauty routine.

What might surprise you is that it's actually worse to put toxins on your skin than to consume them. Inside the body, there are systems suitable, such as the digestive system, to metabolize and eliminate the toxins we introduce. However, when applied to the skin, these toxins are not filtered and end up in the bloodstream. Up to 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed, so knowing what you're putting on your body is key.

I would like to collaborate with you - where do I find Bodhi Naturae

Amazing! We are always looking for editorial and social collaborations with people who want to share their experiences, visions and rituals with our community. Write to us at hello@bodhinaturae.net or through social channels. It will be a pleasure to get in touch!

I would like to sell your products in my shop or business, how can I contact you?

This is honor for us! We'd love to talk about it with you. Please email us at sales@bodhinaturae.net for more information about your business.

How do I know which products will help me?

We believe that a conscious beauty routine and lifestyle are the key to health and well-being.

So, you can click on any product on our website, read about its advantages, ingredients, benefits and also how to use it. But if you want further help, ask Dr. Cecilia Rosso by sending an email to hello@bodhinturae.net writing "consultancy" in the subject. She will guide you through our product range and help you create your perfect beauty routine and healthy lifestyle.