Today for tomorrow

The Bodhi Naturae line was born from my greatest desire to teach, through my experience, how to take care of one's body, starting from the face, what we observe every day and tells us who we are.

Therefore, applying the right remedies, through my treatments, allows you to better deal with all the annoying symptoms of the most sensitive skin and to give shine and attention to the skin, without suffering the passage of time.

You will be able to resolve the blemishes that make you uncomfortable, where ineffective products have already failed.

Cecilia Rosso

Rituals with fine blends

After years of observing my customers dissatisfied with products that did not make them feel loved, I chose to select the most valuable components to create a unique cosmetic ritual with tested effectiveness.

Based on my research, a ritual was born that finally meets the needs of all sensitive skins and even mature skins.

The pleasure of receiving confirmation of the results obtained by my clients is the driving force behind my search for accurate remedies, the result of my experience and continuous selection.

I will continue to create blends of precious botanical phytoextracts to give even the most demanding skins their natural radiance.

Designed for all skin type

Harmony and well-being are the key to a life of sharing, courage and growth. We have infused our love for body care and all-round personal well-being drop by drop, taking care of every detail of the brand so that it would reflect that light which inspired Cecilia at the beginning of it all to believe in Bodhi Naturae and in the contribution that her choice to offer cosmetics designed for all skins, and in particular for the most sensitive ones, could bring the fruit of her research not only to Italy but internationally. Cecilia Rosso's desire to grow and elevate her cosmetic creations is at the basis of the results obtained by Bodhi Naturae with blends rich in phytoextracts, concentrated and innovative.